Mastering the Fundamentals.  Length 6 Hours.  

Instructor: Joseph Teti

Course will be held in the Charlotte, NC area.

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1-Day Tactical Pistol Course

  • This is a  1-day course that focuses on the use and practical application of the pistol during a high intensity armed confrontation.  Emphasis will be placed on the 7 Fundamentals of tactical pistol shooting and the safe and proper use of your firearm under stress.

    First….there is no such thing as “advanced shooting”.  Advanced shooting is being able to apply all of the 7 fundamentals under stress….period.  Solid fundamentals trained to muscle memory will give you the ability to focus more on the situation at hand.  A solid base of fundamentals provides the ability for marksmanship cold and on demand in combat shooting. This is why US Special Operations Forces training  focuses on the fundamentals for this reason.  Once the fundamentals are mastered and a solid foundation is built, more skills can be learned.  

    Training Topics:

    • The proper mindset

    • Understanding the OODA and the Color Code of Awareness

    • The 7 Fundamentals of combat marksmanship

    • The 3 types of draws

    • The 4 count draw

    • Tactical vs. speed reloads

    • The balance between speed and accuracy

    • Dealing with a malfunction

    • Shot placement and ballistic wound analysis

    • Proper training target selection

    Prior training required:  None

    The Tactical Pistol Fundamentals Course is designed for the shooter who already understands basic maintenance and operation of their pistol and has little to no training on how to use their firearm in a real world situation.

    Required equipment:

    • Semi automatic pistol  (.380 auto minimum caliber)

    • 300 rounds of ammo

    • Belt holster

    • Magazine pouch  (can hold 1 or 2 magazines)

    • Ear protection

    • Eye protection

    • Hat

    • Rain gear (we are training rain, sleet or shine)

    • A way to hydrate (either a Camelbak or bottled water)

    Note:  No shorts or open toed shoes.  Wear comfortable clothing you would wear everyday.  Tennis shoes or hiking boots are fine.   Bring your lunch with you.

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  • Course payments are nonrefundable, but are transferrable