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Warriors Edge Training Course (WETC)


WETC is a learning course designed to provide our students with new
“tools” (skills) to add to their “tactical toolbox” so to speak. These new
skills will enhance the capabilities, self-reliance and confidence of those
who attend. WETC is not a “boot camp” course designed to physically
break those who attend. In our opinion courses like that do not provide
a take away for the students. What you will learn at WETC can be
applied to all aspects of your life.


3 days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)


New London, North Carolina. The exact location of our 1,000 acre training facility will be shared with only those who will be attending the course.

Students per class:

(10) We keep our class sizes small to maintain
quality of instruction.


$1,500 This includes 3 meals per day and lodging. Student are encouraged to bring extra snacks / food if they wish.

hexagon_wallpaper e.jpg

Here are some the subjects and skills you will learn while you attend the WETC.

  • Firearms Safety and Basic Gun Handling Protocol

  • Defensive Pistol:  PPS (Practical Performance Shooting) and the 4 Count Draw

  • Defensive Carbine:  PPS (Practical Performance Shooting)

  • How to Survive a High Intensity Armed Confrontation: The 3 M’s (Mindset-Marksmanship-Manipulation)

  • Crisis Event Planning and Procedures

  • Understanding the Relationship of the Color Code of Awareness and the OODA Loop

  • Hostage Survival / Apprehension Avoidance

  • Surveillance / Counter Surveillance Techniques: How to spot if you are being followed.

  • Tactical Reality:  What Really Happens When the SHTF! (The Adrenaline Dump)

  • Train to be Tactical not “Tacticool”

  • Home Security Measures

  • Family Vacation Travel / Hotel Security measures

  • Defensive Knife Techniques / Self Defense Strategies

  • How to Build a BOB (Bug Out Bag)

  • Firearm and gear selection for personal protection

  • Choosing the proper EDC (Everyday Carry) knife

  • Training Scars and How to Avoid Them

  • Using KIMs Game to improve your attention to detail and situational awareness.

  • Using the PACE principle: Primary, Alternate, Contingency and Emergency planning.

  • Fundamentals of Land Navigation: When you’re GPS and Technology fails.

  • Leadership Do’s and Don’t

  • The Hybrid Athlete / Tactical Athlete

  • The Art of Camouflage and Concealment   

  • Tactical tracking operations 

  • How to Use Mental Imaging for Top Performance

       …AND MORE!

These subjects will be broken down into separate training modules. 
We will create a solid foundation of skills and abilities that you can
build upon as you take your training to new and exciting levels. 
Regardless of the subject matter, we will always teach our students to
master the fundamentals of a given subject.  This simple but highly
effective training philosophy is used today by our nation’s premier
special operations units that allow them to build more advanced skills



It is a proven fact that those who share high intensity situations
together are bonded for life in a very unique way. The examples in our
nation’s elite military units are many.
It is here that several things happen, and these are but a few.

  • Superior confidence in the individual is formed.

  • Superior winning mind set in the individual is formed.

  • Trust in your team mates / work mates are formed.

  • The ability to manage high stress situations is formed.

  • The ability to apply unconventional solutions to conventional problems is formed.

  • Enhanced critical thinking skills are formed.

  • The ability to push past individuals pre-conceived paradigms are formed.

  • Tight bonds are formed between those who share in the experience.

Performance on demand

Whether you are building an elite Special Operations team or a world class business organization, we are all engaged in a “talent war”- a pursuit to attract, hire, develop, and retain the top talent at every level of your organization. Our goal is to help strengthen individuals both mentally and physically to become more resilient and able to thrive in any environment, regardless of their chosen profession.  Spartan Americana is a premier leadership development and human performance company that helps organizations build sustainable, high performance teams to drive organizational outcomes for decades to come.


Our experiential leadership development platforms, proprietary human performance coaching program SOF-PT (Special Operations Forces-Psychosoma Training) and our company’s experienced and proven leaders, are what differentiates us from any other training organization. It takes years of experience to design and run a course like the Warriors Edge Training Course (WETC). We are experienced, creative and visionaries in the human performance industry.   If you have any questions about our corporate team building program, please email your questions to

We look forward to hearing from you!

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