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Please take the time to read some kind words our prior students had to say about WETC.

David M. - Information Technology

There is power in knowledge.  To have the desire to be prepared and the tools you can buy from a store is one thing.  But to have the knowledge and practice to actually be successful is totally different.   This course taught me how to truly avoid trouble and protect my family.

Josh W. - Anesthesiologist

I am a new father and my baby is 3 weeks old.  I have a responsibility to protect my family in any way I can.  I came to this course to learn any new "tool" I could add to my "tactical toolbox".  This course has broadened me in a way that my tactical tool box has become a garage with new and more shelves.  The content of the course greatly exceeded my expectations. 

Joseph N. - Cabinet Maker/Pastor

I came to the course because I trusted Joe to train my wife and I without regard to our lack of knowledge or our current abilities.  This course exceeded my expectations with every element promised.  I am forever grateful to Joseph for what he has given my wife and I.

Josh H. - Electrician/US Military Veteran

I wanted to expand my tactical tool box so I can protect my loved ones.  I understand the value of learning from someone like Joe who has been through everything he teaches.  You can't go anywhere else to learn some of the invaluable skills that you learn from this course.

Darin H. - Mechanic

I attended WETC to further the life saving skills I already possess.   I was not expecting the mental challenge of looking at myself in the reflection of reality as both a leader in business, and most importantly at home.  Was a huge eye opener

Dennis E. - Construction

The knowledge and experience Joe brings to this course is staggering.   How one person could possibly know so much about so many different subject matter is beyond my comprehension.   He has forgotten more about this stuff than the average person could acquire in 5 life times.  He is one of the most inspiring instructors I have ever worked with.

Brian M. - Brick Mason

Now that I have attended this course knowing what I have just learned there is no amount of money you could pay someone to give you the confidence, skills and knowledge this course gives you.  The last module I must admit was a real eye opener and something I would have never experienced unless I attended a course like this.  Joe says "train like you're going to fight" during the entire course.  I can tell you I now know what that means. 

Stephen C. - Cardiologist

We live in a dangerous world.   Those who are better prepared to mentally deal with high stress situations and apply the proper tactics to each situation have a much better chance of surviving the event.  Prior to coming to this course I thought I was well armed with the knowledge and skills that I needed to protect myself and my family.  I could not have been more wrong.  Joe has taken a tremendous amount of knowledge and training and compressed it into a 3 day course that certainly changed my life and how I look at things.  I have a new found sense of confidence that I never knew existed.  Many thanks Joe!

Craig W. - Chef 

I have attended several courses in the past on various subjects such as pistol shooting, carbine shooting, survival, etc. taught by former SF guys, Rangers and SEALs.  Although they were good schools and taught me some good skills, none of them came close to what I learned here in 3 days.  Joe is a passionate teacher and obviously loves what he does.   Passion is contagious and makes for an excellent learning experience.  His level of training and experience is far beyond what I even thought special operations guys were taught.   This course far exceeded my expectations in several ways.   Well done!

Jean M. - Physician Assistant

This course has prepared me to protect myself in today's political/social environment.  Looking forward to more courses in the future!

Rion C. - Investment Banker/Harvard Graduate

There are many courses out there teaching shooting and other life saving skills, but none that covers such a diverse range of subject matter in 3 days.  Joe's service in our nation's top special operations units has provided him a wealth of knowledge and experience far outside the norm.  To be able to be trained by an individual like Joe has invaluable benefits.  He has "been there and done that" and brings those experiences to the course to drive teaching points home to the students.

Frank G. - Commercial Fisherman

WETC taught me new skills, but most importantly how to avoid violent conflict situations.  Forever grateful for taking this course.

Dan S. - Mechanical Engineer

It is hard to fathom the amount of knowledge and experience
Joe had obtained in one life time. What is equally impressive is
his ability to impart that information in such detail in such a short amount of time. Truly amazing.

Brian D. - Owner, Lawn Care Service

Good Lord….where do I start! I feel like Jason Bourne now.

Mary T. - Wife of WETC Graduate

My husband attended Mr. Teti’s WETC course. When he came
back home I noticed a profound change in him. He carried his
head high, and had his confidence back. The twinkle in his eyes that had been missing for years was back. Even the way he talked was different. My husband and I are in our 60’s and life has not always been a bed of roses. It was obvious to me that what he had just experienced has helped my husband in ways far beyond what he learned at that course.

Paul G. - Retired Police Officer

Not to sound cocky, but when I arrived at WETC I was not sure
that I was going to learn much. Having been a police officer for
22 years, with 12 years on our SWAT team I thought I knew a
lot about tactics, techniques and performance. I could not have
been more wrong. This course opened my eyes to a level of
training that I did not know existed for civilians. Anyone that
thinks they have all the answers when it comes to this kind of
stuff has not attended WETC.

Catherine R. - Mother and Business Owner

As a single mom and the owner of a real estate firm here in
Charleston, I have a new found sense of confidence that has
been missing from my life. The skills I learned while attending
WETC has provided me with a wealth of knowledge that is
priceless in today’s world. Thank you Joseph!

Craig N. - Truck Driver

It would take me pages to really explain what WETC has
provided me with. I guess the real take away is that I have the
ability to protect not only myself, but my family now. A lot of men think they can, but in reality, sadly they don’t have the knowledge and skills to pull it off.

Robert L. - Cyber Security Consultant

I have been to numerous training courses over the years, but
nothing even comes close to WETC. This course far exceeded
my expectations in several ways. Joseph has amassed a
formidable “tactical toolbox” as he calls it, and openly shares
his knowledge and experience to those that wish to know.

Thomas C. - Attorney, Senior Partner

One of my favorite quotes is from Albert Einstein, “The only
source of knowledge is experience.” I can count on one hand how many individuals actually have impressed me to the point that I think of them when I think of that quote. Joseph is one of them.

Todd P. - Firefighter, EMT

I have trained with other spec ops guys in the past. Most of
them, not to my surprise were pretty cocky individuals. I get it.
After reading Joe’s bio I expected the same from him, and
maybe even a bit more. To my astonishment, this guy was the
most humble and approachable dude I have ever trained with.
Never would have I thought that. He will be the first to tell you
that he is not an “expert” at anything, but a perpetual student, constantly honing his skills. To hear a guy say that, especially one that has risen to the level he has is shocking, and to be honest, very refreshing.

Tammy L. - High School Teacher

I was on the fence about attending WETC. I figured it was a course designed for men and I would be the only woman in the class. I’m glad I went and was happy to see I was one of 4 women in attendance. It would be difficult to summarize what I learned at WETC, however, I think what Joseph advertises on
his website says it all…and is quite accurate.

Stephen W. - Cardiologist, MD

I believe we live in a rogue and feral world that is not going to self correct anytime in the near future. Investing in the proper training to gain the skills necessary to protect my family is something I have wanted to do. I searched the internet for
companies providing this kind of training and quickly determined that they were far and few between. Then I came across Mr. Teti’s website. Within a few minutes of reading what he had to say, the choice was obvious. To date this was the best investment I have made to secure the safety of my family.”

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